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A options that if i want to pulbilsh an article to facebook or instagram, to do dit on wordpress to automaticly and scheldue it. Thanks. Like other platforms right there that are like mixpost have this and should be awsome to ad dthis here. Thanks
Wordpress Integration **Must
I don't know what is meant by Juxhin, but depending on how in SaaS the booking of plans is supposed to be, it would, of course, be nice to be able to handle these bookings in WordPress so that the booking of a plan can be seamlessly integrated into a product website.
Wordpress Integration **Must
Hi [@Juxhin](/user/Juxhin), Could you explain how this integration should work? I think you have this in mind: The posts from Mixpost should be published directly in the WordPress blog. Did I understand correctly?
Wordpress Integration **Must
I like this one too.
Kanban-view for postings to allow collaborative creating and planning of postings
That's amazing. Wor my workspace by jser. If i create a user and let it have acces to post immediately or post as draft and i as admin see if the post is ok i can approve and the post will publish immediately.
"Release"-workflow, so customer can "allow" posting after review
Good idea! Thank you.
Link back to original social post
This is a must 🤩
ChatGPT integration via API