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Here you'll be able to find requested features, and suggestions. Feel free to sign up and submit anything related to the projects listed on the left.

The features planned in Lite will also be in Pro version.

Recent comments

Hetzner Storage Box is not an object storage maybe adding MinIO will be a good alternative.
External Storage
Admin to be reserved for Mixpost management so that it is easy to differentiate from workspace.
Roles and Permission
It will also be good to have for profile pictures too.
Logo for Workspaces
True, if I want to post directly from the iOS-Mixpost-App. But notifications for a story as a reminder should work as a web app Hopefully the API that Buffer is using, will soon be available for all of us: https://buffer.com/resources/instagram-stories-auto-scheduling/
Sharing to Instagram/Facebook stories
But it has to be a native iOS or Android App, right?
Sharing to Instagram/Facebook stories
I would love this too
Support Google Business Profile
Good idea!
"Share Next"-Button
+1 And while we are here, also suggest bundling in content warnings https://roadmap.mixpost.app/items/30-mastodon-content-warning-and-image-censoring CWs are a big thing in mastodon. Instances self moderate by self censoring certain content. Failure to do so risks your instance being limited (kind of like shadow banned) on other instances. Sometimes without warning
Image Editor with focal points and Alt-Text
This feature will be implemented on the next upgrade (**v1**)
Post-Schedule Date Selector
[@Felix](/user/Felix) You can actually remove the scheduled date from within the post and it will automatically be set to Draft. Or maybe you mean a general pause for all scheduled posts?
Option to "pause" posting-schedule